Automotive & RV

Automotive & RV Use Cases

Headliner Assembly

Sound Deaden Assembly

Impact Block Attachment

Seat Cushion Bonding

Carpet Attachment

HMT Recommends

  • 0281-B Polyamide - high performance polyamide adhesive with excellent heat resistance and flexibility.
  • 3388 Synthetic Resin - high performance pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).
  • 4166 Synthetic Resin - a low viscosity, flexible adhesive for general purpose product assembly.
  • 4177 Synthetic Resin - long open time and excellent heat resistance..
  • 4188-P Synthetic Resin - a high viscosity, high strength, flexible adhesive for high performance product assembly.

Benchmark Adhesives
High-Performance Hot Melts For Virtually Every Application. Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) offers you more than adhesive systems. For single-source convenience, we also provide a complete line of Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesives. From simple case and carton sealing to high-performance woodworking and product-assembly operations, HMT has a Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesive that’s right for you. Select from a full line of advanced hot melts, including EVAs, polyolefins, polyamides and pressure sensitives. And if our on demand products don’t fit your exact needs, HMT will work with you to develop the right adhesive for your application.

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