Simple, cost-effective systems for multi-wall bags, paper bags, sacks and recloseable poly or cushioned bags.

Since 1981, HMT has been providing industry standard solutions for your converting and packaging needs. We offer full-custom, reliable, and configurable systems for all your production demands. Our capabilities include:
  • Pinch bottom and seam applicators for multi-wall bags
  • Slot applicators for reclosable bags
  • Multi-bead applicators for handle attachment
HMT offers various tank capacities, melt rate options, and pump-motor capabilities to meet all application requirements. Our modular system design allows you to reconfigure your system to meet future needs, and to easily replace components to minimize downtime. All our systems have proven to provide long lasting performance, capable of melting and dispensing all standard adhesive formulations. Our accurate, precise gun technology and hardened gear pumps deliver consistent adhesive volumes to ensure superior bonding properties.

Solutions for Bag & Sack Applications

Pinch Bottom

• High volume
• Various slot lengths and die widths
• Direct contact slot apply

Pinch Bottom Bag

ProFlex® Dual Grid

85 to 200 lb ASU

850 Series Automatic Gun

Pinch Gun


Longitudinal Seam (Tubing) of Bags

• High speed
• Continuous bead
• Single or dual valve

ProFlex® Dual Grid

50 to 85 lb ASU

600 Series Automatic Gun

Single or dual-bead


Reclosable Bag​

• High Volume
• Various slot lengths and widths
• Direct contact slot apply​

ProFlex® G5/G6

50 to 200 lb ASU

850 Series Automatic Gun

Various width slots


Handle Attachment

• Intermittent or continuous
• Small adhesive bead size
• Multi-bead apply​

AutoPack® 715

15 lb ASU

850 Series Automatic Gun

Multi-bead nozzle

COVID-19 Response and Information

Hot Melt Technologies is committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers, and community. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure worker and product safety by following CDC and local community guidelines. Our manufacturing and distribution facility in Michigan, which supplies adhesives, dispensing equipment, and services, remains open.