Nozzles Are Interchangeable With Handguns And Automatic Guns

Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) supports your operation with interchangeable nozzles of virtually every type. Not seeing what you need? We regularly engineer one-of-a-kind nozzles (and guns) to meet specialized applications. Select from standard types including:

  • Aimable low-profile nozzles
  • Bead nozzles
  • Dual-orifice nozzles
  • Extended nozzles
  • Fine-tip nozzles
  • Insulated glass (I.G.) gunning tips
  • Reduced-cavity nozzles
  • Sift-proof nozzles
  • Single or multi-bead nozzles
  • Slot nozzles
  • Spray nozzles
  • Swirl spray nozzles
  • Taper nozzles
  • And many more