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ProFlex Hot Melt Equipment

ProFlex® Systems: The Ultimate In High-Volume Industrial Production and Flexibility

ProFlex Systems for high-performance hot melt industrial applications from Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) are individually built to your specific needs from a selection of heavy-duty, modular and interchangeable components. This flexibility means you start with the exact system you need for your hot melt application today. You also proceed with the comfort of knowing you can easily swap out components as they age, or re-configure the system to meet your changing needs into the future.

ProFlex G5 Hot Melt Equipment
ProFlex G5

Single or Dual Grid Melter
Up to 2 Hoses/2 Guns
Interchangeable Hot Melt Tanks
25, 35, 50 or 85 lbs. Capacity

ProFlex G9 Hot Melt Equipment
ProFlex G9

Single or Dual Grid Melter
Up to 4 Hoses/4 Guns
Interchangeable Hot Melt Tanks
25, 35, 50 or 85 lbs. Capacity

Proflex Hot Melt Equpiment
ProFlex G9

Multi-Grid Melter
Up to 4 Hoses/4 Guns
Single or Dual Pumps
Interchangeable Hot Melt Tanks
135 or 200 lbs. Capacity

Choose with Confidence

Modular Components That Meet Your Needs Today …
Reconfigurable To Meet Your Needs Tomorrow

G5_G6_G9 for ProFlex Melt Systems
Control Modules

Interchangeable microprocessor system controls. Intuitive programming, secure settings behind the tamper-proof, lockable front panel. G5 for 2 hoses and guns; G9 for up to 4 hoses and 4 guns. G6 for Multi-Grid Pre-Melters

PA30-PA40-PA50 Adhesive Pumps
Pumps: PA-30, PA-40, or PA-50

Interchangeable, hardened steel gear-pumps chosen to meet your exact hot melt output, performance and pressure requirements. Available with optional pressure gauge

Hot Melt Tanks
Melt Tanks

Interchangeable, melt-on-demand, single or dual grid, TFE-coated melt tanks from 25 – 200 lbs. capacity

Adhesive Motors

Interchangeable, constant or variable speed pump drive motors designed for intermittent or continuous duty


Interchangeable heated hoses up to 30 Ft. for use with handguns or automatic guns. Offering maximum durability and service life. Core diameters from 3/8” to ¾”

Hand Guns for Hot Melt

Wide choice of handguns, corded or cordless, standard or top entry, bead or spray

Semi-automatic Guns

Semi-Automatic handguns. Bead or spray. Manual or timed shots

Automatic Hot Glue Guns
Automatic Guns

Automatic guns for every application. Bead or spray. Slot or sift proof. Single or multi-valve manifolds. Configurable for any application from single-point dispensing to wide-web applications up to 8 feet.