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ProFlex®: Choose 6000 Series Pre-Melters For Higher-Volume Operations

With 135- and 200-lb. melt tanks, ProFlex G6135 and G6200 Pre-Melters from Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) liquefy adhesives fast and pump them in high-volumes – making them ideal for use in bookbinding, roll coating, sealing, wide web and other applications where high volume performance is essential

Maximum Melt Rates With Minimum Energy

ProFlex 6000 Series Premelters have up to three independent RTD-controlled, pre-melt grid elements. By incorporating high-performance microprocessor controls with low-wattage, high-efficiency electrical components, the units achieve maximum melt rates with minimum energy consumption. With redundant fail-safe temperature controls, integral 24/7 On-Off timer, workplace security is enhanced.

Continuous And Uniform Adhesive Output

ProFlex G6135 and G6200 Premelters provide consistent and reliable hot melt delivery with fractional horsepower AC or DC drive motors as well as hardened-steel spur gear pumps.

Easy Operation And Maintenance

On ProFlex G6135 and G6200 Premelters, HMT Genesys System Controls ensure easy operation and accurate process control, while modular and interchangeable components assure quick serviceability.

ProFlex-G6-135 Hot Melt System

ProFlex G6135 Premelter with 135-lb. melt tank

ProFlex-G6-200 (

ProFlex G6200 Premelter with 200-lb. melt tank