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Pictured above is our AutoPack 715 System with a 15 lb. melt tank, a heated hose, high-performance 900-Series Automatic Guns on Mini-Manifolds. Also shown is our DF-224 Pattern Control Timer.

AutoPack® 715 from HMT: Innovative Solutions For Your Hot Melt Automated Packaging and Converting Need.

To meet the needs of traditional hot melt packaging applications, our AutoPack 715 System combines the factory-proven design and performance features of our ProFlex® and Benchmark® industrial hot melt units. The AutoPack 715 features a 10 gauge steel base platform, a hardened steel gear pump, a high torque fractional horse power drive motor, our patented melt-on-demand modular hot melt tank, and sophisticated yet simple to operate process and temperature controls. If you are looking for maximum performance and durability for your hot melt packaging application…look no further than our AutoPack 715.

HMT AutoPack Systems

Innovative, Built Tough And Designed For Simple Use and Easy Serviceability

Automatic Guns

All HMT automatic guns feature air-to-open and air-to-close for superior on/off control. HMT guns also feature reduced cavity needle-in-nozzle technology for enhanced performance and clog-resistant operation