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Welcome to the HMT Video Library. The videos on this page show a few of the bonding applications our hot melt equipment is used for. Questions? Email Jim Koffee.

HMT has been providing reliable melt systems since 1981. The adhesive industry’s first modular units allow for quick upgrades and superior serviceability. Whether you are just getting into hot melt, or have high industrial volume needs, Hot Melt Technologies, Inc. has the equipment and the service for your application.

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Hot Melt Technologies

Our cost effective and easy to maintain Benchmark 200 series units have set the standard for both manual and automatic low volume applications.

Benchmark® High Performance Series

A Partner in the Automotive Industry

Custom Nozzles

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Industrial Grade Hot Melt Equipment

High Volume. High Productivity

Also see our how to hot melt videos. Mitch will show you the basics of operating our hot melt systems.

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