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A Record of Innovation … A Focus on Satisfaction

Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) was founded in 1981. Today with thousands of satisfied customers around the world, HMT remains true to our original vision, unchanged in spirit, style and purpose. We have grown the right way … carefully and steadily. We did not expand through mergers or acquisitions; we did not resort to copy-cat engineering. Instead, we paid close attention to the challenges confronting our customers; we identified unmet needs; and we developed the systems, components and programs to meet those needs.

By doing it the right way, HMT built more than just a company. We built a reputation as the “go-to” team for everything hot melt — one innovation and one satisfied hot melt customer at a time.

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Hot Melt Technologies begins in Rochester, Michigan as a supplier of hot melt application equipment and related solutions for America’s automotive industry. 


HMT develops the DP-1004 robotic application system for dispensing hot melt adhesives onto automotive water shields. This labor-saving device improves the quality of water shield applications at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.


HMT introduces ProFlex® Systems – the industry’s first completely modular adhesive supply units. With interchangeable melt tanks, motors, pumps and system controls, ProFlex sets a standard of performance and reliability never before seen in the hot melt equipment market.


HMT develops the DG Series of lightweight (less than 1.5 lbs.) handguns. Ergonomically designed for operator comfort hour after hour, they also are compression-molded to withstand the prolonged high temperatures and shop-floor abuse associated with hot melt adhesive and sealant applications.


HMT invents the first 360-Plus® Ball Swivel for handguns, thereby increasing flexibility, ease of use and productivity for hot melt workers.

HMT engineers the industry’s first-ever “cool-touch” spray nozzles.


HMT develops “cool-touch” automatic guns with molded-plastic air cylinders capable of independent or synchronous firing.

Hot Melt Automatic Gun


HMT introduces Benchmark® Systems – pre-configured applicators that set the industry’s “benchmark” for the highest performance-to-cost ratio in general-usage hot melt operations.



HMT develops a complete line of interchangeable, positive-displacement spur gear pumps featuring the unique combination of wear-resistant, hardened steel and the heat conductivity of aluminum.


HMT introduces Benchmark 205-LV and HV entry-level adhesive supply units to meet the needs of users seeking to move up to the efficiency of bulk hot melts in place of stick guns or cold-glue systems.

Hotmelt Benchmark System


HMT is certified compliant to the ISO-9000 Quality Standard. Established the New Exchange Program (NXP®); an industry first, it allows customers to exchange older components for new ones at a rebuilt price.

Awarded the DFS® registration mark for Designed for Serviceability Repair & Assembly Kits, thereby branding Hot Melt Technologies’ innovative engineering and equipment design protocol.


HMT patents melt-on-demand modular tanks used on ProFlex and Benchmark adhesive supply units. This revolutionary design allows for quick, low-cost upgrades and easy serviceability.


HMT unveils first-generation Genesys System Controls for ProFlex and Benchmark Systems. Microprocessor-based, these new “G” series modules enhance process control, improve safety and offer easier maintenance.


HMT introduces replaceable RTDs for all heated hoses. This unique design enables increased durability and improved serviceability.

Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses


HMT develops DG-2000 Handguns. Cable-less, they bring new benefits to users in the woodworking and cabinet-making industries.


HMT develops the ROF auxiliary melt grid for ProFlex adhesive supply units. This auxiliary melt grid effectively doubles the melt rate without overheating or degrading the adhesive.

HMT launches the Benchmark 600 Series of equipment to dispense 1,000,000cps butyls and thixotropic sealants used in the insulated glass and construction industries.



HMT introduces AutoPack® Systems. This hot melt equipment combines electrically-driven gear pumps with precise, air-operated dispense valves to meet the needs of packagers and converters.

HMT develops the first two-piece automatic gun module for packaging. This unique design offers extended seal life and ready serviceability.

HMT creates Crossover Components®. These enable customers with competitive equipment to use Hot Melt Technologies parts to improve their operations and benefit from the “HMT Difference.”


HMT introduces the ProFlex 6000 Series of high-volume, high-flow premelter systems with melt tank sizes up to 200 lbs.




HMT develops calibrated pump flow controls for monitoring pump output and performance.


HMT introduced variable-speed AC pump drive motors with key-to-line functionality. These motors are interchangeable with all other motor offered on Benchmark and ProFlex adhesive supply units.


HMT introduced its 4th Generation Benchmark and ProFlex system temperature and process controllers with improved microprocessor control features and anti-static protection.

Hotmelt Adhesive Control Electronics Circuit Boards


2016  HMT introduced Pro-Fill automatic loading systems for pelletized EVA, Polyamide, and Amorphous Polyolefin hot melt adhesives.  Coupled with our patent pending Pro-Fill Load Alert™, it keeps melt tanks full for steady uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesives; improves worker safety; and reduces hot melt degradation.

Hot Melt Auto Fill Tank


HMT brings to market its patent pending Pro-Fill Load Alert™. An audible alarm or a signal to your PC lets you know when your tank needs adhesive. Fill it manually or by hooking it up to our Pro-Fill AutoFill system.

Going forward, watch for more innovations from Hot Melt Technologies with new technologies and programs that help improve performance, ensure reliability, assure value … and enhance your satisfaction.