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Service and System Cleaning Advice

At Hot Melt Technologies we know that all hot melt adhesives are not the same.  We also know that different types of hot melt need different cleaning and service products.  For example:
  • If you are using an EVA or Polyolefin based adhesive, use HMT-1200 for tank purging
  • If you are using a Polyamide, you will need Macro-Clean
  • For PSA or Butyl based hot melts, use our Green Clean, ethyl cellulose system purge
The type of adhesive you are using, how much you are using, and the environment you are using it in will also play a role in how you keep your system clean and running well. We are here to help.

Hot Melt Service Center

Expanded Factory Service Center Offering Repair & Rebuild Services.

 If you need professional help in servicing your ProFlex, Benchmark or AutoPack System, ship it to us. Expert technicians in our fully equipped factory repair facility will diagnose the issue. Of course, we’ll consult with you and get your okay before completing any necessary service.

Showroom and Lab

Hot Melt Adhesive & Process Lab

Identifying The Correct Adhesive And Equipment Configuration For Your Process

Whether just starting out with hot melts or seeking to upgrade your product assembly or packaging operation, Hot Melt Technologies offers solutions to help ensure you choose the optimum system and set-up for your application.

Oftentimes it’s as simple as a phone call to us or arranging an in-plant demonstration. In other instances, you’ll benefit from a thorough evaluation of your application and process. At our facility, we can simulate your application using your adhesives, your materials, and running at your production speeds to measure output, usage and melt-rate requirements. This “Proof-of-Process” will identify the best system configuration for you to achieve peak productivity