Benchmark® HP

High-Performance Hot Melt Systems for Industrial Assembly Operations

The Benchmark HP series has set the standard for high performance industrial hot melt assembly applications. With an exceptional cost/performance ratio, HMT’s 4th Generation Benchmark HP Systems are preconfigured to provide uncompromised durability, reliability, and flexibility. Each system is capable of dispensing high performance adhesives — EVA, polyamide, PSA, and APOs. With adjustable pump rates up to 2 lb per minute, bead or spray applications, single or dual hot melt hoses and guns — the Benchmark HP series provides you with the ultimate in Hot Melt product assembly.


Benchmark 315 & 715

15 lb. Hot Melt Tank Capacity
Single or Dual Work Cell Assembly Applications
120 VAC or 220 VAC Operation


Benchmark 725, 735 & 750

25, 35 or 50 lb. Hot Melt Tank Capacities
Single or Dual Work Cell Assembly Applications
120 VAC or 220 VAC Operation

System Controls

Full-Feature Microprocessor Easy to Use System Controls


Steel Gear Pump

Steel Gear Pump with Accu-Flow Adjustment


Interchangeable Melt Tanks

HMT's Patented Melt-on-Demand Interchangeable Melt Tanks



Full Line of Handguns Corded or Cordless


Automatic Guns

Automatic Guns for High Performance Adhesives

Hot Melt Nozzles-Interchangeable


Interchangeable Nozzles for Bead, Slot, or Spray