About Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Basics

Hot Melts are versatile; they can bond to most substrates, and they are used in diverse industries for a variety of applications.  But what is a Hot Melt?  Visit our Hot Melt Basics Page to learn more.

Adhesive Consumption Calculations

Hot Melt Adhesives work best when paired with an adhesive supply unit that meets the production rate required by the application. Visit our Adhesive Consumption Calculations page to learn how to determine the adhesive usage rate and melt rate required by your application.

Hot Melt Formulations

Hot Melt Adhesives and Sealants come in a variety of formulations designed to meet the demands of different applications.  Visit our Hot Melt Formulations page to learn which hot melt is the best fit for your application.

COVID-19 Response and Information

Hot Melt Technologies is committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers, and community. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure worker and product safety by following CDC and local community guidelines. Our manufacturing and distribution facility in Michigan, which supplies adhesives, dispensing equipment, and services, remains open.