Adhesive Consumption Calculations

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This chart can be used to calculate an approximate Usage Rate.

Usage Rate

How much adhesive you will be using per hour (lb/hour) by an assembly process.

  • Example: Your part uses a 3/16″ bead that is 10 ft long, and you produce 200 parts per hour.
  •  Calculation:  Using the table above, the approximate weight of a 3/16″ bead is 0.00476 lb per linear foot.  0.00476 lb per ft x 10 ft bead (per part) = 0.0476 lb per part. 200 parts x 0.0476 lb per part = approx. 10 lb per hour usage rate.


Melt Rate

The rate in lb per hour that a hot melt tank system can melt a specific adhesive or sealant.

  • Usage Rate should not exceed Melt Rate.
  • Not all hot melts or sealants melt at the same rate. Viscosity, softening point, and other material properties can drastically change the rate that a hot melt unit can melt an adhesive.
  • Melt Tank Capacity – The size of the melt tank and the Usage Rate will determine how often adhesive should be added to the tank.

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