Application Videos

Automotive Load Floor Assembly

A precision automated spray application using ProFlex Hot Melt Equipment.

This video shows a load floor, commonly known as a spare tire cover being assembled.  The adhesive, being applied by the robot holds the layers of carpet and sound abatement or “deadener” material to create the final assembly.

HMT has worked with many OEM’s and tool builders as well as end customers to develop this technique and similar processes.

Multiple Bead Hot Melt Adhesive Application for Wide Areas

Multi-bead nozzles, mounted to heated manifolds can dispense adhesive from a single pump or multiple pumps. Air actuated valves can be controlled along with the motor and pump to regulate the desired amount of adhesive. 

Laminating with Hot Melt Glue

Spraying or applying a bead from multiple dispense points, while using a automated process, allows a manufacturer to increase production rates and reduce labor cost.

Hot Melt Robotic Multi Bead Application

Coordinating multiple robots and hot melt glue systems takes an experienced company.  We work along side the end user and tooling OEM to ensure that the entire system will work as designed.  In this video you will see multiple robots working with multiple hot melt machines in concert to produce a complete floor carpet assembly.

Koops Featuring Hot Melt Technologies

Spraying Hot Melt Adhesive on Foam

Spraying hot glue can maximize the placement of your hot melt adhesive. Many applications, requiring full coverage of glue, utilize our wide variety of our spray nozzles. 

Hot Melt Woodworking and Cabinet Manufacturing

Woodworking and cabinet manufacturing companies use hot melt glue for complete construction as well as just an assembly aid. As an assist the hot melt can replace clamping devices and increase production rates.

COVID-19 Response and Information

Hot Melt Technologies is committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers, and community. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure worker and product safety by following CDC and local community guidelines. Our manufacturing and distribution facility in Michigan, which supplies adhesives, dispensing equipment, and services, remains open.