Delivering Performance and Value to Product Assemblers of All Types.

Our Benchmark and ProFlex Hot Melt Systems are recognized the world over for exceptional performance, ease of operation and unparalleled value. Our products are used for handgun and automatic gun applications; for low to high volume applications; for dispensing adhesives as little as 1,000cps to over 1,000,000cps. HMT adhesive supply systems are the choice for thousands of product assemblers.

Artificial Turf Installation Tools
Automotive Trim Assembly
home kitchen interior with wood cabinets
Cabinet Making
Box Making
Corrugated Box Making
Drawer Assembly
Drawer Assembly
filters for car engine
Filter Manufacturing Equipment
Spraying Foam
Foam Assembly
General Product Assembly
HVAC Insulation Assembly
Insulated Glass
Manual Packaging
Closeup bed Mattress
Mattress Assembly Equipment
Metal Roof Seam Sealing
Packaging & Converting
Sprayer mini
Wide Web Laminating